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Trust Stansell Demolition & Scrap Management to take care of the work when you need to get rid of excess metal scrap. We offer commercial metal scrapping in Waynesville, OH, to handle metal debris removal from your worksite or property. Our team also takes demolition to tear down old structures and cut them into smaller, more manageable pieces. We have experience handling a wide range of metals and will help you recycle steel, aluminum, and other metals. We also offer building material recycling to take care of construction waste and scrap. Contact us to learn more about our recycling and scrap solutions or discuss a demolition project with our skilled team.

Doing the Work for You

It can be challenging to do it correctly and safely when you are not trained and experienced in dismantling metal items. You can call on Stansell Demolition & Scrap Management to get the job done right because we have a great deal of experience in this field. It is essential to use the right tools for the job and make sure they are employed practically. Our torch services meet this need as we can skillfully and efficiently cut up metal debris into pieces of a manageable size for sale or shipment. To make the process even better for you, we will buy your scrap metal after cutting it up.

Once we have completed cutting up the steel and other metal products you want to dismantle, we can finish the job by hauling away the pieces. Our scrap and demolition debris removal services will remove all parts and ensure they are correctly appropriately recycled.

Contact us today so that we can begin the process of helping you rid your property of any unsightly or inconvenient materials that are in the way. We will get the job done without delay.

Putting Our Clients First

We understand that removing scraps from your property can be tricky at our company. That is why we offer so many demolitions and cutting services to help break down and eliminate waste from your property. Additionally, you can help keep your excess metal and scrap out of the landfill by recycling your old materials. So, when you are looking for a comprehensive solution to deal with your spare scrap and waste, trust our team to deliver the scrap management and demolition services you need.

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